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Thanks so much for making me look incredible online! NineTwice designed a beautiful website for one of my businesses and then ranked it in Google. I’m getting web traffic and new business for half the price we used to invest on our AdWords campaigns. The keys to this success was trusting the professionals to do their job (something I have a hard time with)… thanks for the great web content writing and teaching me how to promote my business with Facebook.

Chu D. Obii

Strategic Entrepreneur and Commodity Trader, International Trade Broker



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NineTwice Search Engine Optimization Services

Put simply, search engine optimization is the collection of efforts involved in making improvements on and off a website so that a business increases visibility in search engine results. This increased exposure in search engine results will ultimately lead to more website traffic from higher qualified visitors. At the core of search engine optimization are the reasons search engines exist in the first place; search engines are responsible for indexing all of the content available on the Internet and then rapidly delivering relevant and authoritative results to a user, based on the search phrase in the user’s query.

When we engage in search engine optimization, we often use the word “relevance”. Many factors come into play when the search engines make their selections, including how well the content is written, how well the website is developed and coded, as well as how other relevant websites around the Internet link to the website.

Quality Links

In many ways, it is possible to compare a hyperlink to a “vote” on the Internet. When another website links to a business’ content, it sends a signal of trust. It suggests that the linking website is willing to send traffic to the business’ content. Search engines carefully consider these votes of trust when indexing web content. It is important to understand however, that, unlike traditional voting, search ranking is not a popularity contest. Search engines have built-in mechanisms for preventing abuse, including identifying excessive low-quality inks. Instead, the algorithms place importance on the quality of the link.

Link quality is not difficult to understand. Links coming from authoritative websites, like an industry-leading blog or government agency that’s related to the business’ area of expertise, are considered to be more trustworthy than links that come from, for example, a two-month old website with no contextual relationship to the business. It’s easy to compare this whole system as a “weighted democracy” because some votes have more weight than others (and some have no value whatsoever).

Relevant and Authoritative

Better search engine exposure results from careful improvement of specific factors in a website, the factors that contribute to relevance and authority. Clearly, improved exposure will lead to more website visitors.

Interestingly, search engine result pages (SERPs) have consistently kept up with the users who are searching for content and, more importantly, kept up with the variety of content available to show in search results pages. Search engines now return indexed content like videos, images, maps, and news in a set of results. This “blended” set of results has a specific focus of providing the most meaningful collection of content relevant to the user’s search.

It’s critical to remember that there are many opportunities to have a business’ content robustly appear in search engine results pages. Wrapping a content strategy around how search engines elect to show results to users will build a strong foundation in getting a business’ content displayed above the rest.

Relevant SEO Research
Organic and Ethical SEO

Ethical and Organic SEO

When done ethically and organically, search engine optimization is a process that requires a lot of work, takes a lot of time and requires a lot of patience from the business and the SEO expert. An important aspect of SEO is understanding that it is different from other marketing strategies and that being in-tune with these differences assist in running and measuring a successful SEO campaign. Patience is critical and we must approach an optimization project as one that builds long-term value.

We’ve all seen the numerous “rank-number-one-in-Google-today” scam emails that come through on a daily basis. It’s important to understand that there are unethical techniques that can rank a website to page one, position one very quickly. The problem is that these techniques, when discovered by Google, will get the website pushed far down in the rankings, at best. In the worst case, the website becomes completely de-indexed; meaning eliminated completely from Google’s index.

We are always thinking about the end user

What’s clear is that search engines are designed for one thing, the user experience. Search engines are constantly being improved to help provide robust, meaningful results to human initiated queries. Many times the changes are algorithmic, other times the search engines improve the types of content displayed. No matter the case, the changes are made to enhance the user experience.

Successful SEO Campaigns

Successful SEO campaigns consider two distinct audiences, the human beings and the search engine algorithms. One audience generates opportunities for the business through its website and the other is responsible for generating visibility based on authority, relevance and trust. What’s fascinating is that planning a careful balance of ethical optimization for one audience should provide a strong optimization foundation for the other.

The exciting news is that a search engine optimization campaign can help you obtain a huge marketing reach, become magnetic for more meaningful visitors, and measure the impact of your efforts. Every moment of every day more and more content appears on the web. Your clients need search engines to help make sense of all that information. Consider that the more expansive the Internet gets, the more search engine usage will continue to grow. Good SEO, over time, can effectively provide a business with a stream of some of the most targeted, intentional traffic. Moreover, one of the biggest benefits of search engine optimization marketing campaign is the ability to actually measure your results.

Ready to get started? Want to ask us a question?

Remember, the next step is simply an analysis of your website. No tricks, no obligation, it’s our way of getting to know you and your business.  We want to make sure we can help you.