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Your website is an always-on way for your clients and prospects to gather information they need in a convenient, easy to use manner.

What makes us better?

The websites we build are intuitive to navigate and make information simple to find. We combine a contemporary aesthetic with cutting edge development methodologies to produce websites that look amazing and work impeccably. All for a lot less than you might think.

Incredible People

You know what’s important to us? Delivering the perfect project to you. How do we do it? The answer is actually quite simple. We have assembled the right group of people and given them the freedom to do their jobs. NineTwice is a group of young, idea-driven creative people that do one thing: make you look incredible online.

Refined Approach

Creating an entire design and development methodology from scratch is no small task. But it’s exactly what we’ve done. The company founders have years of experience in design, development and all things creative. We know what works and we’ve taken special care in creating a methodology that ensures a consistently high end result.

Solid Collaboration

Our best projects are those where the client collaborates closely with us. It’s critical to us that we are always synchronized with the goals we come up with as a team. When our clients work closely with us, it’s like adding a secret sauce to the project. From weekly check-in calls to strategic planning sessions, we keep everyone in the loop.

You’re not a coder, and you shouldn’t have to be to update the content on your website.

That's why we build every website with a Content Management System, giving you control over your entire website.


 Beautifully Responsive

Every website we design looks great on any device. Our responsive design produces a desktop, tablet and mobile site instantly.

Need to be up and running fast? No problem. Let’s get to work.

Our Ready-To-Go Websites get your business online fast.

Ready To Go Websites are professionally designed and rapidly deployed. We can have your website online in as little as 1 day for $399. Only from NineTwice.

Sometimes you want it…and you want it fast.

Maybe you are a small business or start-up and you need to get your web presence established quickly. Maybe you’ve been in business a while, but don’t have the funds for a large website, and you want to get yourself online. Maybe you’re a person with an idea and all you need is something simple. Maybe we’ve got exactly what you need. Not maybe…definitely!

Our Ready-To-Go Websites get you a professionally designed website that gives your visitors exactly what they need. We can have you up and running in as little as one day for a price that will surprise you.

But what if you grow? No worries here. Our Ready To Go Websites are scalable and can easily grow with you and your business.

Ready to join the thousands of others who have used NineTwice to make them look incredible online?


Small Startups to International Organizations, we work with them all.

Here’s a sampling of the beautiful work we have done for some of our clients.

Responsive e-commerce website design by NineTwice

Tags: responsive design, content management system conversion, WordPress

First Choice Medical Group is a leader in orthopedic medical services in Florida. While we’ve worked with FCMG for eight years, their website redesign was among the most memorable projects.

The requirement was to convert their outdated website content management system to a more contemporary, updated CMS.

The biggest requirement? Get it all done in less than a month. 

Responsive e-commerce website design by NineTwice

Tags: e-commerce website, responsive design, websites for startups

We love it when we get to work with a company like TwelveDegreeAngle. There are many similarities between their approach to industrial design and our approach to website design. Their flagship product, the Compact Wallet is a true innovation in how people carry their credit cards, business cards and cash. There’s a secret added bonus in that their wallet is also a bottle opener. Fantastic.

TwelveDegreeAngle selected NineTwice to create a mobile-friendly e-commerce site to sell their incredible products. We produced a minimalist, clean design that helps convert visitors into customers. Speaking of customers, that’s us! We love our Compact Wallets!

Responsive business websites by NineTwice

Tags: responsive design, business websites, seo

Jarring” is the first phrase that comes to mind when we think about the Sanderson MacLeod website. Why? Because that was the word that president, Mark Borsari used when describing how he wanted the new website to look in comparison to their competition. NineTwice has a special relationship with Sanderson MacLeod, the level of collaboration between the two companies is nearly difficult to explain. After working together for nearly a decade, we’ve developed a close bond that adds tremendous value to the work we do together.

Culinary professional websites by NineTwice

Tags: culinary websites, cookbook websites, author websites, blog

Ravenous Kitchen’s founder, Carla Snyder, is a force in the culinary world. She’s penned numerous cookbooks, is a world-class food educator and is a leader in the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Her website is an extension of her day-to-day life where she posts blogs about her culinary endeavors and shares some of the most amazing recipes you’ll ever sink your teeth into.

Her website showcases her books, recipes, and ideas in a stylized aesthetic…and it makes us very hungry.

We love hearing from our clients. We thought you would too.

Here’s a sampling of the delightful things our clients have said to us.


Chris and his team at NineTwice drop the hammer on efficient, clean and clever design. Our concept to launch process has been reduced significantly and we always look forward to upcoming projects.

Mark Borsari

President, Sanderson MacLeod

Ready to join the thousands of others who have used NineTwice to make them look incredible online?