Together, we will change the way
you attract clients online forever.

“I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much from someone so quickly” -Stephen C.

Not every business owner has the budget to pay a marketing consultant every month. A lot of business owners want to do their own marketing, but have no idea where to start.

Here’s What We Are Going To Create Together

This coaching shows you the inside secrets to getting more clients online. You will save time and get vastly better results. We are going to completely change the way you do organic client attraction forever!

  • Live coaching from a client attraction expert shows you the hidden secrets to client attraction. You’ll learn the new information thoroughly and with accountability.
  • You know your business better than anyone. Get control of your online client attraction without having to rely on an expensive consultant.
  • Get exponentially more clients by compounding the effectiveness of what you've learned with a scientific process for improvement and iteration.
  • You'll have a front-row seat with a sought-after expert instructor that keeps the information engaging and the lessons captivating (learn faster than ever before).

And more.

“! I am in AWE!” -Page L.

Live weekly Q&A sessions multiply the training's effectiveness. With direct access to me, you can ask questions and get clarification on anything in the course.

The benefits of this course are nearly endless, including:

  • Forget the monthly bills from a marketing company. This coaching teaches you exactly how to do organic client attraction on your own.
  • Lifetime membership in a private and active community empowers you to communicate and network with others who have completed this course.
  • An expert digital marketing coach is with you ever step of the way, ensuring you'll completely understand how to get new clients for free through social media and search.
  • Your struggles to understand how social media marketing works are over. The proven teaching process in this course effectively removes learning barriers.

Every lesson is packed with tested and perfected online marketing techniques. The same ones I use for my clients every day.

Thanks for for your interest.

Now, 13 inspiring testimonials that reveal what it's like to work with Chris.

Understand that the value he provides is going to change the trajectory of your business in ways you can't possibly imagine
Early spend 30 minutes a day on social media. What happened next will make you cry...
That time you were looking for training on how to grow your business on Facebook...and you ended up finding yourself (tears of joy).
What Cherrick wanted was to grow a business using free social media posts. But then the unexpected happened...
How to Use an Abundance Mindset to Get Through the Chaos of Client Attraction
If You Only Had 15 Minutes to Sharpen Your Client Attraction Every Day, This Is What You Can Do
What This Mindset Coach Did to Take Over The Internet
How to Upgrade Your Social Media Skills and Get More Clients
Do This Right Now To Prepare for the Inevitable Need To Get More Clients from Facebook and LinkedIn
Take action. How You Can Successful Market Your Business During a Pandemic
Focus on This Instead of Trying To Guess How to Market Yourself on Social Media
Yes, Getting Clients Through Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube Totally Rocks. You Should Try It
Here's the One Thing that has Brought Me the Most Success

And, 24 comments from others who have learned from Chris's programs.

"What makes this program unique and life changing is Chris Prouty. There is no one like him out there."

Claudia Rivera

High Performance Coach

"This program is mind blowing & life changing for your business!"

Kathryn Holcomb-Kirby

Clarity Catalyst Trainer

"Chris Prouty you are changing people's lives every day and totally innovating the way people do business online. Mind-blowing!"

Randi Karpinia


"Love your lessons! They always have so much value that I can implement right away!"

Mary Gallagher

High Performance Coach

"My business has EXPLODED because of Chris Prouty's program."

Ilene Rein


"Chris' content and way of sharing it is WOW!"

Anne Barger

Network Marketing

"I love your willingness to share all of the #secretsauce with your clients. You always provide such remarkable value"

Rachael Pollack


"GOAL: Get results! Results happen when you go through Chris Prouty's program on organic social media growth! Next step... Be prepared when the business flies in!"

Ilene Rein


"If my hair looks a mess, it's because Chris Prouty just blew my mind!! I used to think client attraction was hard, Not anymore."

Chris Rivera

Goal Creation Coach

"You are the master at attraction marketing always providing massive value training at its best Thank you"

Larry Schneider

Healthy Water Consultant

"What you teach definitely works. Someone privately reached out and said they love reading my posts. They don't always comment because they're worried about what other people are going to say. But thanks to your expertise, I have a new follower "

Claudia Rivera

High Performance Coach

"Chris Prouty fantastic advice! Thank you for guiding me to be efficient and effective - explosive!"

Randi Karpinia


"Always good to know you're not alone. You're guidance has been incredible."

Estelle Coetzer Tsalik

Wellness Coach

"Awesome!! You are the master at attraction marketing always providing massive value training at its best Thank you "

Larry Schneider

Water Expert

"Not just useful for social media...what you teach profoundly impacts the way people write in everything they do!"

Iain McMichael

Marketing Coach

"You are the BEST at social Media organic attraction!!!! Amazing my friend !"

Michelle Myrter

Sales Communication Trainer

"The methodology Chris Prouty teaches is amazing. The way he empowers each and every person is like none other."

Terry Dewald-Fredrick

Health and Wellness Consultant

"Chris, you are phenomenal! You always give people something to think about!"

Stephanie Kunkel

Personal Development Coach

"Listen to the calm, reassuring coach, Chris Prouty. He knows what he's talking about."

Virginia Daniel


"Chris Prouty will change how you look as organic marketing in a very good way!"

Chris Rivera

High Performance Coach

"The most interesting man in the world!"

Early Easley Iannello

Health, Wellness, Entrepreneurial Coach

"This class cured my eyesight. They were crossed about getting cutomers. Now I'm seeing them straight to my door. Thanks Chris"

Dennis Paul

Health, Wellness, Hypnosis Professional

"Your system and framework is priceless"

Jessica Samp

Travel Expert & Wellness Consultant

"Chris is an amazing teacher!!!!"

Sharmeen Rehman-Notta

Cybersecurity Expert

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