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Hi. It's Chris Prouty. For more than two decades, I've helped thousands of expert business owners wildly grow their businesses. These are people who have an impact on their clients and want to profit doing something they love.

Who we help

We help business owners who are experts in what they do. We only work with ambition people who have an established business and are making at least $8000 a month. These people have the building blocks necessary to scale to mid-6 and 7-figure profits, what's missing is the frameworks, structure, systems, teams, and guidance on how to get there. Our smart, successful clients understand that disciplined consistency over time will produce exponential results.

"Understand that the value he provides is going to change the trajectory of your business and your life in ways you can't possibly imagine."

Cicely Simpson - Founder, 21st Century Leadership Institute; Leadership Strategist and Mentor

What we do

We help founders grow their profits to mid-6 and 7-figures and beyond. We do this by optimizing building blocks, fixing profit leaks, and focusing on a framework that establishes our clients as authoritative experts with their perfect target prospect audience. This means confidently offering a simple set of products, balancing work by leveraging a small remote staff, the fulfillment of having fully-connected happy clients, and the joy that comes with a profitable business and successful life.

"I literally schedule my week around when I can meet with Chris. I don't want to miss a word he says."

D'rcy Bromley - Integration Specialist

Our philosophy

We get our clients life-changing results in a way that you might not think. "Force Acceleration" and "Radius of Impact" are designed to help founders increase profit, expand their impact, and have fun doing it.

We do this with 7 established principles:

  1. Results - Client results the nucleus and core of everything we do
  2. Capacity - you have more potential than you could ever use in your lifetime
  3. Focus - Remove distractions and direct attention on what matters most
  4. Minimalism - Strip away the unnecessary
  5. Discipline - Being able to work on what matters most for long periods of time
  6. Cognition - Optimizing the intricate processes your brain uses to acquire and apply knowledge
  7. Quality - To be the best, you must produce the best

"I tried for four years on my own to get my program making money, it took four weeks working with Chris to make it profitable."

Ilene Rein - Founder, Pounding Pavement 101

Our story

Part 1. Hearing the call

It all started in 2000. After working for some of the biggest companies in the tech world, helping them create, deploy, and deliver complex training classes on the technology that built the internet as we know it today, I knew there were bigger things coming. Namely, the level playing field the internet would create for expert founders to grow businesses. I realized that this emerging digital landscape was ripe with opportunity, a place where dedicated and knowledgeable business owners could thrive like never before. With this vision in mind, I set out to create a business that would not only leverage this connectivity but would also empower entrepreneurs to harness their expertise, scale their operations, and achieve unprecedented levels of success. This is the driving force behind ninetwice.com, and it has guided us every step of the way.

Part 2. Taking the step

It was all new, the internet. Social media didn't exist. All we had were search engines and websites. This was the foundation for everything I did. I helped businesses get online, get visible through search, and profit from this new marketing channel. But I always felt like there could be more. The potential was immense, and the connections didn't yet fully exploit the power of the internet. I envisioned a world where expert business owners could not only be present online but dominate their niches, truly leveraging the digital landscape to its fullest potential. It was this vision that pushed me to explore beyond traditional online marketing, seeking innovative ways to drive exponential growth for my clients. This relentless pursuit of 'more' forged the path that ninetwice.com continues to follow today—a path that leads to growth and success for ambitious entrepreneurs ready to take charge of their future.

Part 3. Entering the new era

With the advent of social media platforms and the continuous improvement of search engines, the digital business landscape underwent a seismic shift. Social selling and social media marketing rapidly gained traction, providing unprecedented opportunities for businesses to connect with their audiences. I was there, guiding my clients every step of the way. I took on the task of navigating this complex new environment, designing and executing strategies that would harness the power of these platforms to drive their success. By doing the work for them, my clients were able to focus on what they did best—being experts in their fields, while I ensured their digital presence was robust, engaging, and primed for growth. This new era demanded agility and innovation, and it propelled us all to new heights of achievement.

Part 4. Expanding impact

In 2017, I discovered a profound shift in the needs of many smart founder experts. They didn't just want someone to handle their marketing—they wanted to learn how to do it themselves. Sensing this demand, I leveraged my extensive experience in Learning and Development to create bespoke training programs designed to empower these ambitious entrepreneurs. I developed comprehensive courses that simplified complex marketing concepts and provided actionable strategies that founders could implement immediately. The response was overwhelmingly positive—founders not only absorbed the information but began to see tangible improvements in their business performance. This approach not only elevated their marketing capabilities but also bolstered their confidence and autonomy. The success of these training programs fueled rapid and profitable growth for my business, validating the impact of education and empowerment in the entrepreneurial journey.

Part 5. Finding equilibrium

By 2019 we had everything right. We isolated the perfect client, simplified the training they needed, and added the perfect mixture of content, community, collaboration, and connection. From here our done-with-you masterminds were born. And while they've evolved and the names have changed, what's remained is our commitment to our principles. We help expert founders wildly profit, expand their impact, and have fun while they are doing it. Simple and profoundly effective.

"In 16 months, I evolved from thinking I would teach yoga to designing entire human performance solutions for people and organizations."

Vaishali Joshi - Founder, Anvaya Movement

Our founder

Chris Prouty


Helps clients, creates content, leads the business

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