About Chris Prouty

Chris Prouty is a digital marketing consultant who is obsessed with growing his clients’ businesses and committed to giving his clients the absolute best digital marketing strategies. He has spent the last nineteen years, creating a predictable and scalable online marketing methodology and is currently most passionate about helping his clients wildly profit through digital marketing channels.

As a mathematics major turned digital marketer, Chris has developed a unique perspective when it comes to ROI and analytics. He uses a scientific approach as he manages highly successful organic search campaigns and tens-of-thousands of dollars in pay-per-click marketing for his clients.

Chris’ clients are leaders in their industries. He has helped them corner their markets with his ethical and intelligent marketing techniques and practices.

Chris and his team at NineTwice drop the hammer on efficient, clean and clever marketing. Our concept to launch process has been reduced significantly and we always look forward to upcoming projects.

Mark N. Borsari

President, Sanderson MacLeod

Christopher’s attention to detail is second to none. He works in a systematic and precise way. He’s probably one of the best people to have on your team and could be the smartest person I’ve met in regards to online marketing.

Daniel Alonzo

Senior Media Consultant, Cox Media Group Miami

I recently implemented a strategy I received from Chris at a workshop I attended. My searches went from 7 a day to over 200 in just 1 week! His knowledge and expertise is outstanding! Thank you Chris!

Marilee Terp

Travel Consultant, Cruise Planners

Christopher’s expertise is something I hold in high regard. A 16-minute consultation with him took my understanding of marketing to another level. If you are looking for someone to help you maximize your marketing, Chris is the GUY to CALL.

Stephon Williams

Human Capital Development Professional