The NINETWICE Website Design Firm celebrated Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day with studio founder, Christopher Prouty and his 5-year-old daughter attending several client meetings.

Christopher’s daughter remember her involvement in previous years and spent time carefully packing her messenger bag with her iPad, paper, pencils and her wallet.

The morning began with a quick pre-planning meeting to discuss the clients we’d be visiting and the places we intended to visit.  Careful attention was paid to which cafe we’d visit for a smoothie, we had to make sure a blueberry smoothie would be available.  Sunrise Bakery in Titusville, Florida provided exactly what we need.


Since NINETWICE has a global client base, we often meet through video conference.  Today was no different as we held two different meetings virtually.  Team Prouty asked insightful questions of the clients like “can you see how big this cookie is?”  The cookie, for reference, was huge.



After our video conference session the pair made a quick trip to the non-profit Greater Titusville Renaissance, a grassroots community volunteer initiative which seeks to enhance the quality of life through the thoughtful balance of nature and commerce, the inspiration and initiation of arts and culture, and the preservation and showcasing of north Brevard County’s pristine natural resources.  At that meeting we discussed three major initiatives NINETWICE is working on with the GTR.  We also discovered that everyone in the room plays the dumbec, a percussion instrument used in music from many cultures.


Following those highly strategic meetings, the pair returned to the studio for lunch and then it was off to pre-school for the younger Prouty.  Like last year, Miss Prouty wondered if she could visit clients throughout the year, even when it’s not TODASTWD…the NINETWICE leadership team approved that request.

Christopher Prouty is the Founder of NINETWICE, a website development, print design, and search optimization firm with studio locations in New England and Central Florida. He has been looking forward to this day since his daughter was born five and a half years ago. His daughter is a complete “daddy’s girl” and at any point in the day you will find Christopher comfortably wrapped around her finger.