It’s hard to believe how quickly 14 years passes, let alone 21. It was 21 years ago that we coded our first website, planting the seed for the incredibly successful web design firm that exists today.

The real story begins 14 years ago when our brand was born. The first seven years were more exploratory as an independent web designer, but in 2001, things got real. That’s when we incorporated and the first thoughts of a formal “studio” entered our minds. We’d grown dramatically, we needed to represent that growth as a business. Formalizing things made sense…but there was one thing we hadn’t given a lot of thought to…a name.

We needed a name. We would always strive for simplicity, often finding that the answer to complex questions is clearly evident. Overly creative and sophisticated names like “Crooked Blue Teapot” didn’t fit our web design firm vibe, so we looked at the obvious. Our first studio’s street number was 99, that was attractive to us, the repetitive numbers, it was a short palindrome, sounded good. We had our answer, we’d use the 99. Studio99. Wicked. Lock it in.


Fast forward to now…years later…we’ve continued our growth, expanded beyond that former address and work with a global client base. As we grow, we still strive to simplify. We eliminate services that don’t fit, bolster those that do, and we maintain a strong motto, “help our clients look incredible online”. So when the calendar turned to 2015, the eve of our 14th year as a corporation, we decided that it was time to do what we’ve always done best, simplify. It was important to maintain a strong tie to our brand…to 99, our number, so on January first, we formally changed the name of our corporation to NineTwice, Inc. and officially sunset Studio99.

Our new name is cleaner, simpler and more elegant. We think the rebranding is a bold move, the first of many we’re planning. You are going to really like the things we have in store for you as NineTwice, we’re excited to share it with you and we are thrilled that you are here with us.