We love LinkedIn. As a business network, LinkedIn provides myriad channels for social media marketing. As a personal network, business owners and entrepreneurs can use LinkedIn to showcase their talents, find new prospects and engage with groups of people in innovative ways. And while social media marketing can seem like a daunting, time-consuming task, we’d like to help simplify by providing three solid tips for using Linked in as a marketing channel.

Tip 1: It’s all about networking. We are firm believers in personal networking to help build a business. Face to face meetings at a coffee house can work miracles but can also spin a lot of cycles. Use LinkedIn as your social coffee house and you can network with your entire contact base with just a few clicks. At least once a week post a company update to let your connections what fascinating new things are happening with your company.

Tip 2: Reach out. Take a few moments each day and log into LinkedIn and see what you contacts are posting, whether company updates, new connections or recent accomplishments, take the time to congratulate or acknowledge what your contacts are up to. This fits nicely into our golden rule of networking, which, simply put, states that the more you care about others, the more they’ll care about you.

Tip 3: Publish and promote. When you write a new blog post, create new content on your website, upload a video to YouTube or create any remarkable content anywhere, provide a brief description and link to it on LinkedIn. Studies show that the click through rate from LinkedIn is among the highest in social media marketing domains.

Is there more you can do? Certainly…but you’re busy, right? Let’s keep it simple and effective. Give these tips a try and let us know how effective they are for you.

Update, six years later, LinkedIn continues to be a robust social marketing platform. While the social channel has changed quite a bit over time, it is still possible to market effectively through LinkedIn.

One of the key benefits continues to be the ability to reach a decision maker without having to first go through a gatekeeper. Where traditional email or dimensional mailing campaigns might get stopped at the admin’s desk, a message through LinkedIn usually goes straight to the prospect.

One of the things that bugs me a little bit about LinkedIn is that there are unwritten rules on how you can use the platform. Their terms of service (as of this writing) do not specify how many profiles you can look at a day, but (again, in my experience) if you look at more than 100 profiles, you will get a note from LinkedIn asking why you are looking at so many profiles. 

Despite that small gripe. I advise everyone to use LinkedIn to it’s maximum potential for social marketing.