One of the great things about the electronics we carry around with us every day is that nearly all are equipped with sophisticated digital cameras.  We’re able to snap a shot at a moment’s notice and have the luxury of being able to visually document many aspects of life that, just a few years ago, would have been lost.

I really enjoy scrolling through social channels like Facebook and seeing images of what people are up to, where they are vacationing, or what cute thing their kid has done.  I’ll admit it…”selfies” don’t bother me…I actually like them.  Further, I particularly enjoy the occasional “photobomb” that pops up in my information stream. But there’s one element of this incredibly convenient technology that undermines its online attractiveness.  People are far too often uploading every single photo they take.  It’s unnecessary.  It’s annoying.  It’s making me (and others) hide your updates faster than you can say Peter Lik.

Need an example?  I’d be thrilled to share some screen captures of some of my friends who post 12 nearly identical pictures of their new puppy sleeping on their lap but I risk offending, so I’ll produce my own using my sweet wiener dog, Pantone.  Now where is he?

Stop doing this now:


Oh sure, he’s cute and all, but there isn’t a single person who needs to see all four pictures.  It’s a waste of their time, yours, and valuable Internet storage and bandwidth.

Start doing this:


See the difference?  One picture that tells the story…I’ve got a cute dachshund who didn’t want his picture taken. There’s absolutely zero need to clog everyone news feed with multiple pictures that are nearly the same.  We get it…you have a dog.  Instead, try this.  Look through your pictures and post the best one…and only one.  Choose the one that tells the story you want to tell.  Post that single picture and move on with your day.  You…and your friends…just might find this bold move to be very liberating (or at least time saving)…to say the least.

So, what’s the boil down on instantly looking smarter online? Show the world that you respect their time and that you have the ability to restrain yourself.  Stop wasting everyone’s time and post that one shot that tells the story.  See that? Instant online IQ boost.