The NINETWICE Website Design Firm celebrated Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day with studio founder, Christopher Prouty bringing his 4 year-old daughter with him to several client meetings.

Things started much earlier with a bit of pre-planning on the eve of the special day. Important meeting elements like which water bottle will be packed into her messenger bag, strategizing on lunch, and making sure her tablet had a full charge were on the agenda.

On the morning of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, Christopher’s daughter woke early, got herself dressed and prepared for her introduction to some of NINETWICE’s clients. Promptly after breakfast, the duo, who reside in Brevard County, Florida, set out on their great adventure. A notable meeting that day was with the Space Coast Economic Development Commission (EDC) where the team met with representatives from four different EDC groups. Each representative presented an overview of their responsibilities with the EDC and engaged Christopher’s daughter in conversations about “princess dresses”, “treasure hunts” and “visiting the beach”. An overview of current web development and graphic design work followed with Christopher’s daughter contributing to a strategy session on designing a map showcasing EDC investors by indicating that it should “fold up” to be easily moved to different conventions and meetings. She also expressed concern that someone might not show up to a convention where the map was on display but allayed everyone’s fears by suggesting that they will attract visitors with snacks. (Image above: the awesome ladies from the Space Coast EDC; Jennifer, Aymone, Esmé and Elizabeth )

NINETWICE has clients around the world, to give Christopher’s daughter an idea of the firm’s global reach, a Skype video conference was conducted at a nearby Starbucks. After a quick update on a current website development project, the client also queried how good the strawberry smoothie was. (Image: pre-video-conference camera check)

2014-04-24 11.29.37

During the drive back to the studio, the topic of conversation revolved around the simple question “Can I go with you to meetings when it is not Take Your Daughter to Work Day?”. Based on the warm and welcoming response we got from our clients, we’d suggest that the answer to that is a strong “yes”.

Christopher Prouty is the Founder of NINETWICE, a website development and print design firm with studio locations in New England and Central Florida. He has been looking forward to this day since his daughter was born four and a half years ago. His daughter is a complete “daddy’s girl” and at any point in the day you will find Christopher comfortably wrapped around her finger.

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